Sutton Carnival Procession

Sutton Carnival ProcessionA small crowd is lined up outside Sutton Railway station looking out onto the High Street. Some road traffic passes by. Including private vehicles and double decker buses. The crowd grows larger around the junction of the High Street and Mulgrave Road, even though it ha started raining and umbrellas have been raised. A procession begins to move past, coming up Mulgrave Road including a fire engine and carnival floats from a range of organisations and businesses including the Ark School (with a float modelled on Noah's Ark), Wandsworth District Council, Deweys Pianos, the Express Dairy, and John Hall and Sons of Broadmead (makers of paints and varnishes). Several of the vehicles mention a hospital and money appears to being collected for charitable purposes. The film concludes in a park area, where the carnival looks to be taking place. Some mothers line up a row of toddlers and a few older children for the camera.

CountryUnited Kingdom
CollectionLondon’s Screen Archives
TimespanChronological period, Second millenium AD, Second millenium AD, years 1001-2000, Mid 20th century, Time, 20-th, 20th, 20th century
LocationUnited Kingdom; England; Greater London; Sutton
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Subject TermsCarnivals, Parades