Traffic Observation Films: King Street/Cross Deep, Twickenham

Traffic Observation Films: King Street/Cross Deep, TwickenhamAn ariel shot of a large junction. We see traffic and pedestrian flows through speeded up time-lapse photography on a gray day. Vehicles are parked on both sides of the road together with bus stops and we need the traffic negotiating the parked vehicles and buses as they stop. At 2.00 the film runs at normal speed and we see a close up of the far end of the road, an impressive white building can be seen,large street lights are situated in the middle of the road, traffic moves sedately and serenely down the road. Overview of a traffic crossing with pedestrians crossing. Further views of the end of George Street, with the impressive white building on the right hand side a shop with the sign 'Freday Paints', light traffic moves sedately and pedestrians crossing the dual carriageway. The film contains a number of private and commercial vehicles together with buses.

CountryUnited Kingdom
CollectionLondon’s Screen Archives
LocationUnited Kingdom;England;London;Twickenham; Cross Deep;
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Subject TermsRoad transport, Bus services, Traffic Observation