The poem 'Verses In Friar's Carse Hermitage' was originally written in 1788 in the summer house or Hermitage on the estate of Robert Riddell of Glenriddell, now Friar's Carse, just outside Dumfries. This manuscript poem is a later version in the handwriting of Robert Burns. It is on both sides of a long sheet of paper. 'Written in Friars Carse Hermitage - by Nith-side' is written at the head of the poem. Robert Burns met Riddell, a neighbour, shortly after he moved to Ellisland, and they became close friends. Riddell gave Burns a key to the Hermitage so that he might have somewhere to write.

CountryUnited Kingdom
CollectionBurns Scotland
Year1788-01-01 - 1788-12-31
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Subject Termspoetry, Robert Burns