Writing desk, late 18th century, which belonged to Robert Burns and was used by him in Dumfries. Plaque states - 'This desk/belonged to and was long used by/ ROBERT BURNS/ the Ayrshire Poet/ At the sale of the Bard's furniture at his death in/1796 it was purchased by Mr Richardson Auctioneer/ Dumfries whose son Captain James Richardson/ of Gorbals Police presented it to Mr Archibald McAllister/Writer Glasgow who in 1852 gave it during his pleasure/for the use of/ Glasgow Nanse Tinnocks Club'. Lift-top, on four legs with square feet, green felt on sloping lid and engraved plaque. Inside lid there are five drawers and six open compartments. One drawer underneath, opening from the right side, lockable with brass handle.

CountryUnited Kingdom
CollectionBurns Scotland
Year1850-01-01 - 31/12/1900
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Subject Termspoetry, Robert Burns