This is a view of the workshop in Souter Johnnie's Cottage in Kirkoswald, Ayrshire. A 'Souter' is the old Scots name for a shoemaker, and Souter Johnnie was Tam O'Shanter's 'ancient, trusty, drouthy crony' in the Robert Burns poem 'Tam O'Shanter'. The characters of Tam O'Shanter and Souter Johnnie were immediately recognisable to the locals of the time as the convivial long-time neighbours Douglas Graham and John Davidson. A patron would come in and if they weren't buying a pre-made pair of shoes, would have their feet measured and an appropriately sized last (a wooden form) would be used to shape the shoe. At this time, a shoemaker would expect to make one pair of shoes a day.

CountryUnited Kingdom
CollectionBurns Scotland
Year1785-01-01 - 1785-12-31
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Subject Termspoetry, Robert Burns