On the August 2nd, 1903, on the holy St Elias' Day, a rebellion was organized in Macedonia which was an answer to the long lasting slavery and oppression by the Turks to which Macedonian people had been exposed for several centuries. St. Elias' Day (Ilinden rebellion reached its culmination with the liberation of the town of Krushevo and the founding of the Krushevo Republic, which was the first republic in the Balkans in that time. In order to explain the purposes, the goals and the intentions of the Rebellion, Nikola Karev, the President of the Krushevo Republic wrote the Manifesto of the Republic. According to the progressive ideas expressed in the Manifesto, it was very much ahead of its. Immediately after the beginning of the uprising, which was about to be spread over the greater part of Macedonia, it became clear that it was organized without sufficient preparation... A great number of Turkish soldiers attack Krushevo. The rebels leave the town. Only Pitu Guli's detachment stays near the town Guli decides to show and to be an example of how great the love for his own people can be as well as how it is possible to even sacrifice his own life for the sake of his friends liberation. The heroic death of Pitu Guli and his detachment on the location of Mechkin Kamen, Krushevo, deserves the respect even of the enemy . . . " ’Krushevo's Federation’ was short lived, but according to its ideas it was magnificent. Macedonia had its St. Elias' Day (Ilinden), followed by the bloody years of hard suffering. Macedonia will have its next St. Elias' Day, but during the next epoch of future victors and liberation’s". This second St. Elias' Day is very near, it is coming soon ... " An extract from the poem "Ilindenec", written by Dimo Hadzhidimov.

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