Film shows the visit of emigrant Algimantas Šalčius in Lithuania and his meetings with diverse people.USA Lithuanian A.Šalčius during his visit in Lithuania: at the lake, visits the graves of his parents, walks in Kaunas, visits Kaunas Hydro Power Plant, surveys the construction of Thermal Power Plant, together with leaders of a collective farm surveys a field of cereals, animals, visits in a homestead of Puškorius, a collective farmer of Kretinga County, visits in a place of mass murders at Garliava, surveys the bones of victims of Nazi occupation, enjoys when finds mushrooms in the forest, surveys the cellars, walks on the dunes of Baltic seacoast, visits in Palanga, takes a picture of sculpture „Eglė Žalčių karalienė“, is treated by dentist Aja Vinzbergienė, with architect Vytautas Landsbergis-Žemkalnis surveys Old Town of Vilnius, watches rehearsal in TV studio, takes part in the festival of literature, surveys the general view of Vilnius. Algimantas Šalčius meets the professor, artist Antanas Žmuidzinavičius as well as engineers and architects of Vilnius Design Institute; meetings with: his cousins - foreman of Čiudiškis’ collective farm Juozas Šalčius and director of Lithuanian oil transfer base Pranas Šalčius, his cousin, artist of Opera and Ballet Theatre Laima Šalčiūtė, captain of a fishing boat Povilas Šiaučiukėnas, relatives and friends in Kaunas’ restaurant “Tartu”, writer Augustinas Gricius, senior physician of sanatorium “Palanga” Sadauskas, Rector of Vilnius University Vytautas Kubilius, artist Rimas Siparis, singer Kazys Gutauskas, members of Union of Artists. Old film chronicle: period of Nazi occupation. View of Kaunas, students, writer Vincas Mykolaitis-Putinas. Professor Tadas Ivanauskas in his office. Professor Viktoras Ruokis on his bicycle. Director of Kaunas Polytechnic Institute, professor Kazimieras Baršauskas at work. Town of Elektrėnai, construction, layouts, layout of Opera and Ballet Theatre. Homestead of Puškorius, domestic birds, pig, blossoming apple tree, Puškorius plays, people dance. View of town and port of Klaipėda, construction of ships. Castle of Trakai. Fort No. 9 in Kaunas: museum. Monument “Mother of Pirčiupis”. Children sleep in the beds. A boy awakes. He watches the works of limestone explosion. Akmenė cement factory. Kėdainiai chemical factory. Engineers work in the factory of computing machines. Church, people at the church, believers on their knees. new buildings in Vilnius, trolleybuses ride. Square of I.Chernyakhovsky, Square of V.Lenin, flowers in the Square of V.Lenin. Views of Vilnius, architecture, pigeons in the Cathedral Square.

CreatorLeonas Tautrimas (Search Europeana for this person)
CollectionLietuvos Centrinis Valstybés Archyvas
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