The panoramic view of Kaunas. The pavilions of the 3rd exhibition of agriculture and industry; visitors of the exhibition. The chairman of Lithuanian Science Union Jonas Basanavičius arrives to the opening of the exhibition together with general Vladas Nagys-Nagevičius. Foreign diplomats and members of Lithuanian government (among them - Latvian ambassador Antanas Balodis, the Minister of agriculture Mykolas Krupavičius, the Minister of foreign affairs Voldemaras Vytautas Čarneckis, members of the exhibition committee Juozas Tūbelis and Feliksas Vizbaras) wait for the begining of the opening ceremony. The president of Lithuania Aleksandras Stulginskis, Prime minister Antanas Tumėnas, Kaunas burgomaster Jonas Vileišis arrive to the ceremony. The speeches of Aleksandras Stulginskis, Antanas Tumėnas, Klaipėda vice governor Erdmonas Simonaitis. The views of the exhibition.The panoramic view of Kaunas from the hill. Participants of the 1st Lithuanian song festival arrive to the Parodų square. Military orchestra, chors' singers. The united chor. Cameraman and photographer work. The square full of people. The secretary of Song festival comittee Antanas Bružas introduce the conductors of the united chor to the president Aleksandras Stulginskis. The president gives special medals to conductors of Panevėžys united chor Mykolas Karka, Vladas Paulauskas ant others. Girls carry the loaf of bread. The conductor of the united chor of Ateitininkai union Kostas Gurevičius, the conductor of Klaipėda united chor Antanas Vaičiūnas, the supreme conductor of Song festival Stasys Šimkus, Kaunas burgomaster Jonas Vileišis. Among audience - the president Aleksandras Stulginskis, the Minister of Agriculture Mykolas Krupavičius, the Minister of Defence Teodoras Daukantas, the general Silvestras Žukauskas, the prime minister Antanas Tumėnas, Lithuanian ambassador in London Ernestas Galvanauskas, the chairman of Lithuanian Science union Jonas Basanavičius, the chairman of parlament Justinas Staugaitis.

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