Polish film director Andrzej Wajda arrives in Helsinki. British actress Dora Bryan arrives in Helsinki. Press conference by director Andrzej Wajda at the premises of Suomi-Filmi. The 1963 Jussi film awards at the Tes-visio studio in Helsinki. Beach fashion show and soft drink drinking competition at the 100th spring festival of Lions Club Helsinki. 10th anniversary of the ‘Smiling Boy’ statue, awarded annually to pupils for fair and friendly behaviour, at the National Board of Education. Cadet course lays a wreath at the soldiers’ graves at Hietaniemi. Professor A.O. Väisänen’s portrait unveiled at the Helsinki Conservatory of Music. Moscow ice show in Helsinki.

CollectionKansallinen Audiovisuaalinen Arkisto
Timespan3 quarter of the 20th century, Second half of the 20th century, Second millenium AD, Second millenium AD, years 1001-2000, 20-th, 20th, 20th century
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